Size Guide – Lederhosen & Dirndl

At the Lederhosen Store, we’re here to help you look up your best fit which is as accurate to the closest inches/cm as possible. Please use the below Size Charts below. In case if you have any query or required further information you can contact us through 

IMPORTANT: Please note that Lederhosen and Bundhosen has a low stretching tendency as compare to other fabric like jeans or cotton trousers. Sizing also varies depending on where you will tuck-in your Lederhosen / Bundhosen.


The collection at the Lederhosen Store is based on the original native German design philosophy as well as high quality, genuine cow leather.  Just like any other leather real leather product, your Lederhosen also takes some time to break & adjust to your body in shape and size. Please follow the guidelines below to find your best fit

Lederhosen and Bundhosen get’s loosen up to 0.5 to 1 inch after 2-3 times of wearing it. Breaking Leather like that is required before Oktoberfest. Also It is always better to get one size large if you are not sure about your actual Lederhosen size.

Waist: Take a measure of your waist with the tape as close as possible to your body, do not press it hard against the skin though. Keep tape at a point where you usually wear your pants otherwise, which would be a little above the hip bone.

Seat/Hip: Size your seat around the fullest section of the hip without compromising on the tape which is to be kept as horizontal as possible.

Thigh: Just like the seat, consider the fullest part of the thigh to take the size for this area on your leg. This would be size of single thigh and not both combined.

Inseam: Starting from the crotch to the knee, take a measure of the inseam straight downwards. In case of a bundhosen, this would be measured down till the ankle instead of the knee.

Please make sure you measure around the waist. International sizes may vary for leather clothing, as compared to standard US/UK sizes.


When making a purchase, we would urge you to keep in mind the current dresses are a best fit for a body fit similar to those of our models in the picture. We recommend women with a larger bust measurement to go a size or 2 sizes up. This would give you room and allow to make minor tailoring adjustments to the waist.

Please review our suggestions in measuring your size before selecting your option for purchase.


Keeping the measuring tape as horizontal as possible or parallel to the ground, take the size around the fullest part of the chest. Make sure to size without too much pressure on the tap to have has accurate measurements as possible.


Place the tape around the smallest/narrowest part of your natural waist. This would be a point slightly above the belly button and below the rib cage.


Take the size around the fullest part of hips ensuring that you have both legs close together. It is best to size your hips in front of a mirror to ensure that the tape is held as horizontal as possible.

Please make sure the bust/chest size fits. Measure around the chest to find the best corresponding size in Inches on the chart below.


Pair up your Lederhosen with a smart Bavarian check shirt. The following tips would guide you pick your size


Size the neck as round the place of the collar or the widest section on it. It is best to not tie the tape too tight around the neck, just keep it slightly lose.


Take the size around the widest part of the chest keeping the tape as horizontal as possible.


Pair up your Lederhosen with a smart Bavarian check shirt. The following tips would guide you pick your size


Finish your Lederhosen look with a pair of soft Suede Shoes and comfortable wool socks. Follow the sizing chart for German – UK – US sizes.


The following tips would guide you pick your size